Between Parades
by Ann Weems, from Kneeling in Jerusalem
We are good at Planning!
Give us a task force and a project
and we're off and running!
No trouble at all!
Going to the village and finding the colt,
even negotiating with the owners
is right down our alley.
And how we love a parade!
In a frenzy of celebration,
we gladly focus on Jesus and generously
throw down our coats and palms in His path.
And we can shout praise loudly enough to     
make a Pharisee complain!
It's all so good, the parade!
It's between parades that we don't do so well
We don't do so well from Sunday to Sunday.
For we forget our hosannas between
The stones will have to shout because
we won't.

The same people on Palm Sunday lining the street for another parade on Good Friday.  So much happened between those 2 parades.  People caught up in a frenzy.  Following the crowd.  Where are we?  We must not skip from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  We must, we have to remember the days in between.  The great suffering of our Savior on our behalf.  Re-read the scriptures that speak of this:  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  The Gospel.  The Good News/  But good news only for us.  Good Friday only for us.  For the Holy Son of God...well, read it for yourself.  We cannot, we must not forget.
Rev. Cheryl 
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January 2024
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We continue to be open 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM  If you know of any mother in the community who has a need for diapers, suppliies,  baby and toddler clothing, and feminine products, please let them know about our service.

We will have bulletins on the table for you to pick up as you enter into the sanctuary.  The offering plate will be placed at the back of the sanctuary for you to drop your offering in.  Seating will be spread our through the sanctuary. 
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